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Zed Run Horse Game Explained + How to Play

Zed Run

What is Zed Run, how does it work, and how do you play it?

Zed Run is a digital horse racing game where you can buy and race different types of horses and ownership is represented by NFTs. 

Zed Run is a revolutionary game that is aiming to leverage blockchain to create a much immersive and truly engaging environment of horseracing.

The game is based on Ethereum’s blockchain and was developed by Australia-based Virtually Human Studio.

The Zed Run team is legit & experienced

Launched in 2019, the game has been targeting the more elite audience. Since each digital horse in the game is based on NFT. To add to the ostentatiousness of the NFTs, Chris Ebling has rendered his creative genius to the NFTs.

Who is this dude, exactly?

He is the legendary animator behind movies like The LEGO Movie and Happy Feet 1 and 2. 

There is no doubt that blockchain has been truly pervasive when it comes to tackling various brick-and-mortar challenges that emerged on the back of covid-19. NFTs, especially, have been an incredible point of entry for non-tech users into the world of crypto. 

In this article, we will be exploring what the game is all about, going over some details around how to play it and improving our understanding of how the NFT gaming industry is booming. 

As of today, Zed Run has become one of the most popular games in the industry with horse owners making hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of dollars in profits.

Recently, a horse was sold for over $125K. It has over 46,000 followers on Twitter and a devout 80,000-strong community on Discord. 

How do I play Zed Run?

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Because the game is based on Ethereum’s blockchain, it utilized smart contracts and the Ethereum token standard ERC-721 to create unique digitally provable ownership of the horses. All the data about the racehorses are stored in smart contracts such¬†

as their bloodline, gender, race figures and even color). Consequently, when you buy a racehorse on OpenSea (the marketplace where you can find the horses) you will have provable ownership of it. You can breed the horses along with also racing them in different competitions. Here is how you get a Zed Run horse. 

  1. Create a new stable on zed.run and connect your MetaMask to it. 
  2. Head over to OpenSea to find a varied collection of racehorses. 
  3. Pick the ones you like and they get automatically added to your stable using the wallet. 

As you would expect from a digital horseracing platform, there are three main aspects to the game including breeding, racing and tournaments. We’ll quickly run through each and share all the necessary details.¬†


It might sound a bit strange, but you can breed your own horses in this game! Of course, by breeding it means combining a few attributes for each horse and seeing which ones can produce better-performing horses. 

There are some prerequisites that you need to fulfill before you can do that. 

  • You must have a stable of your own
  • You must have at-least one male (stallion or colt) or one female (filly or mare)
  • You need WETH and ZED RUN in your wallet to do so

Should you even bother breeding digital racehorses in Zed Run? Of course you should! By doing so you can maximize 

Similar to ZED RUN’s other game elements such as racing, breeding requires skill and strategy to maximize the chances of your horse to win the race by owning a champion horse.¬†

There are different types of racehorses based on how they are known. A colt and a filly are male and female racehorses who have not produced any offspring, but a stallion and mare are those racehorses that have produced at-least one offspring respectively.

Costs of Breeding 

If you are the owner of a male racehorse, then you can set the breeding price that you would like to charge.

But, the process of breeding does not require any transactional costs.

This is because the place of breeding, the Stud Farm is now live on Matic, which allows for gasless transactions.

Thus, if you do have a male racehorse then you would only be in profit depending on the fee you charge for the process.   

Can I not privately breed my horses? 

At the moment, the option for breeding the horses privately is not available. Thus, to carry out the process you will have to put your horse in the Stud Farm. 

What are Genesis racehorses?

If you were one of the early users of the game, then you’d have access to Genesis Racehorses.

These horses have been created to have an advantage over those horses that came after. For all the “non-Genesis” racehorses, they have been born from the Genesis ones so they do carry some attributes but not all.¬†

You do have, however, the option to look around for champion racehorses or even breed one yourself using the Stud Marketplace. 

Are there any limits to the number of times I can breed horses? 

Yes, and these limits have been kept to ensure that the value of horses in the stable does not deflate. This also keeps a healthy price for all the other racehorses in the ecosystem. You can find more info about the limits here. 

Racing & how it works

The next crucial part of the game is racing. This is how you can race all your horses. 

  1. Once you’re logged on to zed.run, you can go to the “Events” under the “Racing” tab.¬†
  2. You will be able to select the race of your choice. Pick your preferred gate and select the racehorse. 
  3. Get your horse ready for the race! 

The frequency of races are subject to how quickly certain “Classes” get filled. If they get filled quickly, then there will be multiple races.

The best part is that you can watch these races in both 2D and 3D. And, if you do miss one then you can replay it to see how your horse performed. 

Will my racehorse win? 

Well that depends entirely on the attributes that your horse possesses. Also, if your racehorses have better winning capability over a shorter distance, then those are the kinds of races you must let your horse participate in. 

How can I train my horse to see their performance? 

The best thing you can do in this instance is to do a free race. Once you have created a stable and have at-least one racehorse then you can simply look for available free races and participate.


The last piece of the game which is equally exciting is the tournaments.

This is where the true ability of your horses get tested.

And this is exactly where you have the chance to make profits, too (depending on your luck Рplease note this is not guaranteed). One of the biggest benefits by participating in tournaments is that you get access to much larger prize pools. 

While the game offers different tournaments they are still limited to the kind of racehorses and stable owners that can participate.

As a result, they have been working on improving this part to facilitate the participation of a much wider set of stable owners. 

How to name your Zed Run horse?

It’s important to note that once your horse has been named, there is no going back. In other words, you won’t be able to rename it… so be sure you’re extra happy with it!

You’ll need to go to the Zed Run official website and create an account to name your hose.

The booming NFT gaming industry 

Zed Run is not the only game that is at the forefront of combining NFT and blockchain and offering a seamless experience.

In fact, Axie Infinity ‚ÄĒ one of the biggest NFT games ‚ÄĒ has a similar concept where users get to participate in an alternate universe and find different ways of contributing to it.

They get digital tokens (NFTs) that they can cash out for actual money. This game itself has been driving the homes of several gamers in the Philippines who have been using it to earn their weekly income from the game.

It was found that over $40B was generated in just in-game assets, which is as much as 25% of the traditional game industry’s global revenue.

The innovative tokenomics of these games have also propelled them forward Рhere too, Axie takes the lead. 

So, there is no doubt to the fact that in addition to making it more exciting for users, these games are giving a much more immersive experience to them.

With recent developments around the metaverse, we are hoping to see the industry booming in the coming years. 

People come to the industry for an experience, and they leave for money. Perhaps this is what is pushing the entire industry forward rapidly. 

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