Why every business should start an NFT Part 1


Access to customers is a central pillar of modern marketing. Companies will strongly encourage you to give them your email address so they can email you coupons and other content.

This is an effective marketing strategy that has empirically proven to increase purchases. Companies use email which is a relatively cheap and easily accessible technology that doesn’t have any problems. So what advantage do NFTs enabled by blockchain technology give companies?

NFTs, take the access you have to your customers to the next level. In this series, we will be breaking down exactly how you can leverage NFTs to take that access to the next level. To discuss using NFTs for your organization’s specific objectives sign up for an NFT marketing consultation here.

Part 1: NFTs’ Technical Advantage Over Modern Marketing

An NFT is a programable object that has a significantly larger potential to be interacted with and used than modern marketing content. Let’s face it, emails are boring and most people ignore promotions sent to their inbox! Nike recently acquired a crypto company called RTFKT and airdropped its first-ever NFT called RTFKT x Nike “MNLTH” to holders of RTFK’s original cloneX NFT.

This “MNLTH” is an NFT vault that only opens up after users go through a series of quests and puzzles on RTFKT’s website. Inside of this Vault is a pair of Nike Crtyptokikz, a skin vial, and another MNLTH.

The Cryptokikz is a Nike branded shoe that can be displayed(flexed in the metaverse) and the Skin Vial can be used to change the look of your kickz. Both of these collections are currently on Opensea and have a floor price of 1.9 ETH($5300) and 0.8 ETH($2270) respectively. Even the Skin Vial is selling at a price that’s orders of magnitude larger than their average sneaker price of $80 and the price of replicating NFTs is exponentially smaller.

This is not a theoretical example, it’s a modern company leveraging NFTs to increase profits and brand awareness. To learn how to leverage NFTs to accomplish your company’s marketing objectives sign up for one of our marketing packages here.