Veefriends: The Epic Gary Vee NFT Collection


The NFT art market is growing all the time, with new people getting involved to bring their own influence to the table. One of the fastest-growing markets at the moment, though, is known as VeeFriends.

It’s a collection by Gary Vaynerchuk – AKA Gary Vee.

If you are new to NFTs then you might not know who Gary is. If you have spent even a small amount of time in the community, though, you will likely know who he is.

A major thought leader within the NFT industry, Gary has created his own collection which is already doing very well.

It is known as VeeFriends. If you are looking for what might become a pretty premium level NFT collection, then the VeeFriends collections might just be the place to start.

The balance between the big name behind VeeFriends and its collectable offerings make it an intriguing choice indeed for the market.

Who is VeeFriends founder Gary Vaynerchuk?

Gary is a Belarusian-American entrepreneur who has become one of the leading names within the NFT industry. However, part of the reason why he is so respected within the community is his long line of impressive works in the past. 

Indeed, Gary is the co-founder of Resy, one of the most commonly used restaurant reservation software tools available.

It has become a major solution for restaurant owners, and is further proof of Gary being able to spot market opportunities and gaps.

That being said, he made his name as a well-regarded wine critic, and is also the founder of Empathy Wines.

Expanding upon the family wine business, Gary became recognized in the field and used this platform to elevate himself into the digital marketing and social media world. Today, he operates as the Chairman of VaynerX, and is also the CEO of VaynerMedia.

One thing is for sure, though – VeeFriends has a very capable individual at the helm. He’s definitely an interesting person to follow, and his growth within a few major industries shows an expansive, inquisitive individual.

His popularity across various spectrums, then, played a major role in being able to make VeeFriends such a success from day one.

An effervescent personality paired up with a history of success in various fields has made Gary someone that people want to listen to.

His NFT collection, then, is just part of a wider portfolio showcasing his own personal progress.

Part of what has fueled his progress, though, is his ability to speak with honesty and clarity. Indeed, at a recent event, Vaynerchuk was quick to point out that there is a “100% chance of a massive dip” in the NFT market.

In a market as new and as volatile as NFTs, pretending the curve will always go upward is a mistake. So, it’s good to not expect it.

So, people are drawn to Gary because of his success but also due to the fact he is not promoting NFTs as some untouchable success. That is a breath of fresh air in the modern climate.

What are VeeFriends?

VeeFriends, then, is an NFT project launched by Vaynerchuk himself. It is built around the idea of creating a new community that is developed around ‘meaningful intellectual property’ – and that is very important indeed.

The project sells a host of different objects ranging from common to the likes of ‘Epic’, ‘Very Rare’, ‘Core’, and even other options such as ‘Bubble Gum’ and ‘G.O.O’. 

If you take a quick look at the front page of VeeFriends, you can see the items being sold as part of the collection. Many of these items exceed $130,000 in price, while others go for around the $30,000 mark.

There are numerous options to choose from in terms of NFTs at VeeFriends. At the time of writing, one of the highest priced objects was the ‘Eager Eagle’ – a ‘Diamond’ item that was worth around $180,000. Given the swell of popularity that Vaynerchuk is seeing, it is expected that the prices might only continue to increase.

The project is growing all the time, and various roundups are made on a weekly basis to showcase new drops and collaborations. For those who are interested in what Vaynerchuk has to offer, this is a highly specialized platform.

Are VeeFriends gaining traction in the market? What are the benefits?

At the moment, yes, very much so.

Some 10,255 different tokens will be released as part of this collection. Some common, some rarer, some extremely rare. The aim is simple – to give Gary a place for his creative and business ambitions to be met using NFT technology and smart contracts.

By being part of the VeeFriends collection and owning an NFT, you instantly become part of this community. And when you do that, you also get access to the VeeCon.

There is also a massive Discord where you can interact with other members!

VeeCon is a multi-day event that is going to be held exclusively for people who have invested in VeeFriends NFTs. If you own a single NFT then you get what is known as an access pass, valid for three years.

This would give you access to the conference, where Gary and others will provide insight on everything from business to creative thinking to marketing as well as other key areas like competition, innovation, and entrepreneurial thinking.

The focus is simple – to create a high-class experience for the community, where owners of VeeFriends items can get insight from an industry leader. 

By bringing the access that people want and need to the table, Gary ensures that people receive more than just their NFT for collectable purposes.

They can instead be given the chance to take part in these events in-person, meeting and networking with other ambitious people brought together by VeeFriends.

Where will VeeCon events be held?

All of the dates for any of the events to be held will be published in due course, likely around 180 days in advance of their beginning. The events will be held in 2022, 2023, and 2024.

The official website states that the first edition – VeeCon 2022 – will be held before early May, 2022.

So, if you are looking to get in on the ground floor and make sure you can attend in North America, you might want to look at what VeeFriends NFTs you can get.

Why did VeeFriends choose to go the NFT route?

This is a common query – why has someone with so much time invested in other business models become involved in NFTs?

Put simply, Gary believes that this could be another big paradigm shift just like the internet was, and Web 2.0 after it.

Seeing a rising industry like this, Vaynerchuk decided the only way to truly understand it was to get involved.

Indeed, he has stated in other interviews that he believes NFTs will be around for at least as long as he is alive.

By offering insight into these projects, though, the important thing was to be able to show that he could practice what he preached. So, by developing his own collection, Vaynerchuk can make sure he fully understands what it is he is promoting in the first place. 

Why did VeeFriends choose this particular NFT style?

Like most collections, the magic behind VeeFriends is that it uses a distinctive art style in its creations. Gary ensured that each of the collectibles created could represent human traits that he finds impressive and/or admirable.

By focusing on human traits that can lead to progress and success in others, the VeeFriends NFT collection can offer something more than just a cool collectible piece of art.

However, there are also a lot of popular culture references within the creations. The hope is that in years to come owners can look back with pride on the NFTs they have collected.

By introducing people who are serious about their own ambitions to a wider community, too, these distinct styles offer a chance for people to collect something that opens up more doors in the future.

All 268 characters at the time of writing have been created by Gary himself. 

Where can VeeFriends NFTs be purchased?

The primary place where you will be able to buy into the VeeFriends craze is by minting on the VeeFriends site directly via auction.

However, they can be resold on other platforms such as OpenSea and Rarible, so you can also scoop them up there. Note that any resales which take place will see a 10% royalty fee collected by VeeFriends. 1% of all future royalties, though, are given away to charitable bodies of the choosing of Vaynerchuk – which is pretty awesome! 

There will also be contributions made to groups that can benefit renewable energy development. 

To buy a VeeFriends NFT, you would need to have ETH in your wallet. This can be purchased through most of the major exchanges. You then need to make sure that you use a compatible wallet, such as WalletConnect or Portis.

This can be connected to the VeeFriends platform and then the purchase of an NFT can be made.

While many NFT collections will come and go, those run by the people who get the industry most are likely to not only survive, but thrive. With the reputation and the celebrity of Vaynerchuk behind VeeFriends, then, this looks set to be one of the most effective, in-demand NFT collections for years to come.