Unilaunch(September 10, 2022)

Unilaunch is a Solana-based NFT project that aims to create an ecosystem that connects creators and collectors in a mutually beneficial way.

Besides being a launchpad and DeFi platform, Unilaunch envisions an ecosystem where creators can approach investors to raise funds for building and launching their projects

The company is set to release its NFT collection dabbed Unios which entitles holders to membership in its VIP group with various perks such as IDO allocations, airdrops, in-person events, Share-to-earn rewards and more.

The project is led by a team with in-depth blockchain knowledge and experience.

You can learn more about the project from the whitepaper and website

Total supply: 3636

Mint price: 0.5 SOL

Date: September, 2022 at 3:00 PM UTC

Blockchain: Solana