Toys R Us NFT release

Yes, Toys R Us Is Releasing an NFT Collection — Explained

Toys R Us NFT release

Yes, Toys “R” Us is launching an NFT collection! It will feature Geoffrey the classic Giraffe, only in digital form.

Overall, this is a big (and innovative) step that has won a lot of respect from the digital space. With many aspects of life now switching over more to digital, and talks of things like the Metaverse, this has come at the perfect time.

This will be their first collection of this nature so far, and its mission to enter the blockchain and digital space to fuel further growth.

Specifically, their parent company is partnering with Ethernity to take toys to the Ethereum blockchain.

The artist behind the collection is Brian Lopez, who also goes by the name Exacto.

In addition, the style of the art is 3D pop art, with one especially rare edition being dropped as well.

This is a limited but strong collection, and a first step into this space for this company.

Where Can I Buy Toys R Us NFTs?

This collection will be available starting November 13, 2021 starting at 9am PST on the popular marketplace OpenSea. If you’re not sure how to buy an item on OpenSea, you can check out our guide here.

Once the items have been purchased, buyers will have the chance to either keep them or re-sell them on the marketplace.

Want to try and get in to this release early? There is also the opportunity to pre-register for this new drop on the website they are partnered with, Ethernity.

How Much Will the Art Cost?

Items will initially range from approximately $150 all the way up to the thousands.

Since some buyers may also resell, the price may vary.

Also, it’s important to note that items will be bought with Ethereum, so price may fluctuate based on the ups and downs of this currency.

The Future of Toys Going Digital

While Toys R Us may be a brick-and-mortar that invokes feelings of nostalgia and memories of walking into a store back in the day, this company is now taking a huge leap forward into the future as one of the leading large companies taking the leap into non fungible tokens.

In a sense, this classic company is ahead of their time as one of the early batches of major corporations that have created their own collection of this kind.

To that end, we expect to see many more companies focusing on this space and releasing their own collections in the months to come.

And what have we learned? That toy stores can be more than carriers of physical toys and games; they can transform the digital world as well, sparking the imagination of many.

Plus, as this nascent and buzzing space keeps evolving, it only makes sense that toys will shift to a more digital world, too.

What’s in store for Toys R Us in the future? It’s not yet known, but it’ll be very interesting to see how these sales transpire, and whether or not more collections are in store for the future.

It’s clear that they are disrupting the space, and we’re looking forward to seeing more of this!

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Post last updated: November 12, 2021