The Reign of Terror(November 8, 2022)

Reign of Terror (RoT) is an all-inclusive play-to-earn game featuring a Asian feudal society under revolution in terms of style

Participants can influence the game’s combat decisions actively and passively while taking part in building a robust NFT economy via trading NFTs at via an in-game marketplace.

While inherently multiplayer by design, the game also makes it possible for solo players to interact with it without being coerced to get involved in group activities.

The project is set to release a profile pic NFT collection which unlock web-based missions where players can send out the playable avatar characters on missions to collect valuable items which can then be used to craft powerful equipment when the full game is released in 2023 

Additionally, the team has years of experience in their respective areas of expertise including video game industry, virtual reality, art and cryptocurrencies. 

Total supply: 1500

Mint price: 1.5 SOL

Date: November 7, 2022

Blockchain: Solana