Summoners Arena(May 19, 2022)

Summoners Arena is a Play-to-earn developed by Onechain, a pioneer blockchain-integrated solutions provider for games.

The game is like a twin of its predecessor, Summoners Era. They will coexist by bringing the best of both web2 and web3 to gamers on the platform.

Summoners Arena features Hero NFTs available in two batches: the Sacred Sealed Chest and the Mighty Sealed Chest.

According to the Project, “Sacred Sealed Chests, when opened, guarantee to reveal a Tier D or above Hero with Body Parts of at least Rarity 3, while “Mighty Sealed Chests, when opened, reveal Tier B and Tier A Heroes only, with default Body Part drop rate.”

Sacred Sealed Chests come with a supply of 20,000 NFTs and a mint price of 40BUSD, while Mighty Sealed Chests have a supply of 7500 NFTs minting at 500 BUSD.

Check out their Substrack page and their website to learn more

Total supply: Check the description above

Mint price: Check description

Date: May 19, 2022, at 3:00 PM UTC

Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain