Skullx (Coming Soon – Late October 2021)

Skullx NFT

This is coming just in time for Halloween, but who needs a holiday as an excuse?

Soon, coming late this October, 10,000 Skullx will be released into darkness.

This is a haunting, chaotic collection that is unrelenting, macabre, and intense.

So, if you like your coffee black, these dark classics could be a nice addition to your collection.

When will they be minted? These will be up for grabs late October.

Check out their website below and their Discord channel for more details. You can also follow their Twitter as well.

Well, what’s the gist? For a limited time, you can get a pass for the late October collection if you buy an Aeon – check the Discord for further details to see if it’s still happening by the time you read this.

Dates: October 2021

Blockchain: Ethereum

Marketplace: OpenSea