Shamanic Oracles NFT(May 12, 2022)

Shamanic oracles is an NFT collection of Safe Haven in collaboration with VeGnomes to help the public learn about the Safe Haven product suite.

The Shamanic oracles NFTs are the first in a series of NFT collections that the team will release with utility within the play-to-earn ecosystem being developed for communal engagement and education.

Minting the NFTs will occur in $SHA, the project’s utility token, and the NFTs will be available on secondary markets like World of V and after the public sale.

The project team claims that “A portion of minting fees held in reserve will be utilized to hire a game studio for designing a 2.5D turn-based game that utilizes attributes of NFTs for RPG experiences within a play-to-earn campaign.”

Visit the website to learn more.

Total supply: 10,000

Mint price: $SHA 7500 per NFT

Date: May 12, 2022, at 7:00 PM UTC

Blockchain: Vechain