Sensei Labs(September 22, 2022)

Sensei Labs focusses on building web3 tools within the Solana ecosystem to enhance transparency and safety of the Solana community.

Fittingly, the first tool suite is aimed at helping teams manage or categorize their transactions and tasks and communities provide feedback and increase their trust in the team. For instance, there will be a multi-sig function that can be used by launchpads to lock funds in an escrow to prevent projects from scamming (rag pulling) their investors.

Besides helping the Solana ecosystem build  transparency via a host of software tools, the project also brings you fantastic NFT art which will be available on Magic Eden for trading.

In a nut shell Sensei labs offers web 3 consulting, Solana software services and and arts and graphics studio and the most the team is located in the crypto-friendly country El Salvador

You can learn more about the project from their website and whitepaper.

Total supply: 4,440

Mint price: 1.8 SOL

Date: September 22, 2022

Blockchain: Solana