Rust Bots

RustBots (November 13, 2021)


If you like the animations for Wall-E, you might also like this new collection called RustBots.

The robots of Solana are here.

It’s the year 2050, and people are jaded and bored. No new inventions excite them, as each one is only slightly better than the last. In fact, they are inundated with new technology and none of it seems to matter.

That is, until RustBots were launched. These RustBots did exciting things that nobody had seen before, capable of performing a range of tasks.

This is a digital art collection of 5,454 3D Rustbots, with plans for future films where the minted bots are featured.

To mint, check out the website. If you miss one during the mint, you’ll be able to also check them out on the secondary market at Magic Eden.

Total supply: 5,454

Mint price: 1 SOL

Date: November 13, 2021 at 8pm UTC (12pm PST)

Blockchain: Solana