Puff Panda(Novemeber 14, 2022)

Puff Pandas is a cannabis brand with a goal of bringing more value to its community and target customers via profile pic collection which is ready for minting after eight months of building.

The team features the experience and relationships to offer holders discounts on the brand’s top-shelf products and 10,000 others!

A select holders will receive over 500  monthly supplies of cannabis products shipped directly to their door, free of charge as well as qualify for ETH airdrop to cover their streaming subscription.

While anonymous, the team claims to have experience within the Cannabis industry and other crypto-related expertise like art, data-science and entrepreneurship.

You can earn more about the project from the website.

Total supply: 6,666

Mint price: 0.099 ETH

Date: November 14, 2022 at 4:20 PM UTC

Blockchain: Ethereum