Planet of k9s NFT

Planet of the K9s (October 23, 2021)

Planet of the K9s

Many years ago, aliens took K9s back to their planet and performed experiments on them.

These K9s were kept captive by the aliens. However, these k9s decided to lead a rebellion and fight back.

Eventually, they broke through the gates and ended up victorious.

Now, there are 5,033 hand-drawn anthropomorphic doggie NFTs roaming the Solana blockchain!

There are 3 colors, 4 breeds, and 7 factions.

These dogs are smart and stronger than ever, with incredible perseverance.

The mint is on October 23, 2021 and the price is 0.53 SOL.

For more details, check out their site to mint.

Mint price: 0.53 SOL (plus gas)

Blockchain: Solana