NFT Moon Metaverse(May 15, 2022)

NFT Moon Metaverse is “a futuristic create-to-earn multi-blockchain metaverse” and will be “inhabited with creative self-driven people craving boundless opportunities.”

The project envisions a platform where a player can build a new life with an interaction-based experience that follows the play2learn method.

With Metaverse land than can readily be bought, the person can rent out the plots, receive income, and access advanced building features and rare avatars.

The NFTs represent NFT Moon’s DAO Avatars Monopolis city and serve as entrance tickets to the DAO and access to the management of the Metaverse.

Total supply: 5,000

Mint price: 0.08 ETH

Date: May 15, 2022, at 9:00 PM UTC

Blockchain: Ethereum