Museum NFT

Museum (October 7, 2021)

museum art NFT

What is the Museum NFT collection? It contains 4,801 punk NFTs. However, forty of these will be used for dedicated giveaways.

So, what is the theme? Well, it is unique in that each one “morphs” on certain special calendar days — for example, holidays or days where culturally significant events took place.

This is a project all about the art and the unique changes surrounding its morphing abilities.

So far, and at the time of this writing, there are forty of these special calendar days where the morphing will take place. Each calendar identity lasts for 48 hours until switching, making this an ever-changing creation full of surprises.

How can you get one? You can catch the mint on October 7, 2021 at 1pm EST.

If you miss the mint, there is still hope: you can always pick some up on OpenSea as well!

Date: October 7, 2021 at 1pm EST.
Cost to mint: 0.04 ETH (plus gas)
Blockchain: Ethereum