mekaverse NFT

Mekaverse (October 7, 2021)


The Mekaverse is an NFT collection containing 8,888 Mekas that are looking for Drivers.

The drop date is October 7, 2021 at 11pm CET.

The designers have experiencing working on creative for Fortune 500 companies, and are always pushing their creative abilities.

What is it?

These are inspired by Japan Mecha universes.

In addition, the art is original. The aim was to make each one unique.

With over 150,000 people already in the Discord, there will be a ticket system in order to get your chance to buy today due to high demand.

So know that if you enter with a raffle ticket, there is a real possibility of not getting one. There is a 1 in 52 chance.

You can also check it out on OpenSea!

Date: October 7, 2021. They will be available for public mint at 11pm CET.

Blockchain: Ethereum