Maximalist(July 20, 2022)

Maximalist is a pofile pic collectible project keen on building community as a key to its overall growth and long-term strategy.

The project also features fractional ownership where the devs will take one of the striking NFTs and break it down to 9969 pieces then distribute it to its holders.

Besides minting the NFTs for free, each holder will have the NFT along with its IP rights where they can personalize it as they wish.

The mint will be executed via the ERC721-A base contract developed by Azuki which is best for preventing a gas war and reduced minting fees.

You can learn more about this project via the white paper available on the website.

Total supply: 9969

Mint price: Free mint

Date: July 20, 2022, at 11:00 PM CET

Blockchain: Ethereum