Mars Cats Voyager(July 26, 2022)

Mars Cats Voyager is a web3 brand inspired by space exploration, illustrative art, and the love for pets led by three friends with technology, entrepreneurship, and 2D design expertise.

The brand is launching its second collection, the Alien Cats NFT, which comes after their 10000 genesis collection (MCV NFT) sold out back in September 2021

The genesis holders are entitled to an airdrop of the Alien Cat, with the remaining supply set to be released to the public via private and public sale.

Holders will be allowed special access to the website tools developed by the devs, which can be used to create custom NFTs, backgrounds for social media, and gift cards for friends and family.

Total supply: 12,000

Mint price: 0.29 ETH

Date: July 26, 2022, at 4:00 PM UTC

Blockchain: Ethereum