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Liverpool NFT – How to Buy

liverpool NFT

As one of the most successful sports clubs in the world, Liverpool Football Club are a global brand.

Even before Jurgen Klopp arrives to end the clubs three-decade wait for a league title, the Reds still sold plenty of shirts worldwide. 

Under Rafael Benitez, the 2005 UEFA Champions League Final win against AC Milan, coming back from 3-0 down to win on penalties, is legendary.

This is a club that even in its fallow periods could boast talent like Steven Gerrard, Fernando Torres, and Luis Suarez. Trophies still arrived from time to time, and success was still quite common.

However, the modern edition of LFC – a recent league and Champions League winner – is something else entirely.

It is little wonder then that the club has looked to find every opportunity it can to maximize its potential. Owned by Fenway Sports Group, who now boast Reds investor and NBA legend LeBron James as part of their group, Liverpool are not backed by the sovereign wealth of some of their rivals.

What they are backed by, though, is classic US-style innovation built on taking good ideas and turning them into a reality.

For that reason, then, it should be no surprise that there is a Liverpool NFT on the way. The 19-time winners of English football’s top league are getting into the NFT industry – and it could be absolutely massive when it all kicks off.

Why is there a Liverpool NFT?

The better question is probably: why not?

This is a club with official partners in just about anything you can imagine.

They even boast an official chocolate partner – yes, a football team for super-athletes has a chocolate partner.

This is a global brand that people want to be involved in. You see celebrities wearing Liverpool shirts and attire as if they were fashion garments.

With support in the millions across Europe, Asia, America, and Africa, Liverpool have a global support. Why not leverage that with the growing rise of NFTs?

Indeed, the Reds ownership group will have seen the likes of the Miami Heat signing deals with crypto groups to rename their stadium the FTX Arena. The idea of having something that allows for LFC to sell the Moments that other clubs and sports are building such eye-watering revenue from is a no-brainer.

This is a club that has been as innovative as they come when it comes to football and marketing matters. The rise of the NFT era is not something that will have passed by the top brass at Anfield.

The “crazy” link predicted by an LFC star

Of course, Liverpool is a team that is filled with a host of young stars and players in their prime from all over the world. Given their success and their presence as a Premier League giant, it would be fair to say the LFC first team is pretty well-paid.

Well, it should come as no surprise that even some of the players on the staff are involved in NFTs.

After all, Portuguese striking sensation Diogo Jota had declared that when football and blockchain joined forces, it would “get crazy” – and it looks like he was right!

Jota himself joined up with Zilliqa, a growing US-based software firm in the USA. Jota has endorsed this new platform, as have other stars in the league such as his former teammate and friend Raul Jimenez. 

So, players on the team are already involved in this new craze. Given the success of comparable platforms like the NFTs sold by the NBA Top Shot platform, it should not be a surprise to see Jota – and others – involved.

Are Liverpool unique in building an NFT?

Not quite. Current domestic rivals Manchester City got involved in selling Moments of their most recent title win.

The NFT art collection sold well, though not quite as well as some would have expected. Given that Liverpool have a longer standing and thus a larger fanbase than City, though, their own release is predicted to be even more successful when it finally comes to life.

With the fact they have people like LeBron involved, though, LFC should have even more insight and knowledge into the NFT market.

Football is seeing more and more clubs and players get involved. Many South American and Portuguese players are heavily involved, too, with continental stars like Joao Felix and Renato Sanches – both Portuguese internationals along with Jota – keen to get involved.

Where can I find the Liverpool FC NFTs?

At the moment, the only real partnership that Liverpool have with an NFT platform is with Sorare. Alongside other major clubs like Paris Saint-Germain and FC Bayern Munich, this program would see the top five league champions from the 2020 period join up and take part in this new licensing agreement. Juventus and Real Madrid were involved, too.

Sorare is one of the larger NFT collectibles groups, and has been forming partnerships with sporting giants for some time now.

They offer tradeable cards for players, meaning that fans can play in their weekly competitions using the cards that they get. The cards are bought to build-up their own star squad, and then the cards can be traded for Ethereum.

With licensing deals with 15 leagues and over 100 teams so far, Sorare is growing massively. Liverpool’s decision to jump in with them as they did makes great sense, especially as NFTs have absolutely exploded in popularity since they made that particular decision.

Indeed, NFT market tracker Nonfungible has Sorare setting around the #120 spot in their rankings. This shows without a doubt that Sorare is growing, with their soccer-specific approach capturing fans of the sport who want to see what all of the fuss is about with blockchain tech.

At the time of writing, the highest priced card was an Antoine Griezmann card that sold for over $114,000 USD. 

Will this NFT platform take off?

It looks like it will, yes. Sorare is already growing all the time, and Liverpool are expected to launch their own range of bespoke Moments in the near future. With so many members of the squad getting involved, it is easy to see where the excitement comes from. Liverpool have the expertise on their board and in their playing staff to turn an NFT sale into a massive success.

Given the huge numbers of LFC fans who are based outside of the UK – where NFTs are still growing compared to other parts of the world – there is a market ripe for this. Fans would love to own special moments; think how much someone would pay to own the moments when Divock Origi scored against Tottenham in the 2019 UEFA Champions League Final?

Or the Moments that have Jordan Henderson lifting a first league trophy for thirty-plus years?

What about the free-kick Trent Alexander-Arnold, the Scouser in the team, scored to win the league title and put it beyond all doubt?

There are glorious moments in the history of Liverpool Football Club. Fans would love to say they own these precious moments in history.

For that reason alone, expect Liverpool to be involved in the NFT market with their own Moments collection in the future.

For now, though, they are already involved with Sorare and seeing huge benefits from the association together overall. 

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