Karafuru NFT(May 18, 2022)

Kafuru is a 3D NFT collection of 15,555 avatar NFTs focusing on lifestyle, culture, influence, and passion for craftsmanship and branding.

Holding the avatar NFTs entitles you to receive a corresponding voxel and pixel counterpart wrapped to their 3D token, which are tickets to an immersive Metaverse experience as part of the Kafuru family.

The team has secured metaverse land in various metaverse platforms like Sandbox, Worldwide Webb, Arcade, and Ape Land for their holders.

Additionally, the project is collaborating with the web2 brand, Hyperbeast, a global platform in contemporary lifestyle and culture, and Atmos, a worldwide sneaker and streetwear boutique.

Notably, the mint started with a dutch auction mint (starting 0.5 ETH)on May 17, followed by a whitelist mint, and will finalize with a public mint.

Visit their website to learn more about the mint.

Total supply: 15,555

Mint price: final dutch auction mint price

Date: May 18, 2022, at 2:00 PM UTC

Blockchain: Ethereum