Hikari NFTs(April 10, 2022)

Hikari NFTs is a collection representing in-game playable characters in what the devs claim to be the word’s first generative personalization system (Gen-U).

The project aims to create a personalized experience that combines the DISC framework, a renowned personality profile testing, and an original, branching anime storyline.

Therefore, holding a Hikari NFT means you will be able to follow a character from childbirth to adulthood by connecting your wallet to your website.

Nonetheless, all minters of this NFT are entitled to the project’s upcoming honorary edition of the community-written Hikari comic book.

Please visit their website to learn more.

Total supply: 2,000

Mint price: 0.3 ETH

Date: April 10, 2022, at 20:00 UTC

Blockchain: Ethereum