Helix(October 5, 2022)

HELIX, short for Hyper Expansive Lifelike Interoperable eXperience is a metaverse gaming project built by the venture backed startup, Hypersonic laboratories and features talents from Ubisoft and Rockstar.

While most web3 games have poor 2D graphics and have had difficulties onboarding users, HELIX boasts of excellent graphics, and low barrier to entry into their ecosystem.

The devs are conscious of the fact that selling out and broken promises are what breaks most projects in the web3 space and so, have raised $3,5 million in funding to secure the project’s future and assure sustainable growth.

Ultimately, all assets within the virtual platform are  backed by an NFT and users can generate revenue by utilizing storefronts or even renting out the Billboards and much more.

The upcoming mint is founders pass mint where participants get a chance to play the game 3 months before launch and contribute to HELIX game development.

You can learn more from the website and Twitter profile.

Total supply: 5,000

Mint price: 0.12 ETH

Date: October 5, 2022

Blockchain: Ethereum