Heaven Land Loyalty(May 4, 2022)

Heaven land is Solana based metaverse project focusing on n building a virtual reality platform that will enable users to experience and monetize their property with HTO as its utility and governance token.

The Loyalty NFTs are assets with multiple functions within the Heaven Land metaverse, including but not limited to distributing the HTO tokens to minters and transforming the NFTs into different Race avatars.

Heaven Land is partnering with various NFT marketplaces like Magic Eden, Solsea, Soalanart,  and Digital Eyes, as well as other NFT collections to promote the economy within Heaven Land.

Visit their website to learn more about the mint and the overall project.

Total supply: 7,500

Mint price: 2.50 SOL

Date: May 3, 2022, at 6:20 PM UTC

Blockchain: Solana