Gods Unchained

What Is Gods Unchained + How to Play?

Gods Unchained

The crypto gaming industry has truly revolutionised the play-to-earn (P2E) model. Gods Unchained has been at the helm of that revolution, next only to the massively popular Axie Infinity.

While the game itself is unique and offers an immersive experience, what truly makes it stand apart is the fact that it is one of the first blockchain-based multiplayer trading cards game. 

Founded in 2018, the game has managed to sell huge swathes (read: millions) of its cards, raised several million dollars in funding and also launched the very first season within the game.

At its core, it offers the players the ability to make money while playing it Рtruly a tactic that woos billions of gamers all over the world. 

The game seems complex at first. That is why we have decided to compile this long piece guide that covers everything about the game from its history, to how to play and how the $GODS token works. 

So, let’s dive in.¬†

Gods Unchained – A Quick History

The game was founded by two brothers, Robbie and James Ferguson. The two were quite impressed with Ethereum in 2015 and were one of the first to get involved.

In 2018, however, they decided to build the first-of-its-kind multiplayer game based on a blockchain. They were also the first to implement the ZK Rollup (a scalability solution for Ethereum) technology for NFTs on Ethereum, known as Immutable X.  

Gods Unchained

What is Gods Unchained and how does it work? 

Gods Unchained is similar to any other trading card game that you have ever played – with the only difference around the strategies that you use to outcompete fellow players.

The added layer of competition helps users truly find ways of stacking decks that are strategically better than the ones being developed by fellow users.

Since the game is based on NFTs, players have absolute ownership over their items Рthus whatever they own within the game can be sold and cashed out for real money. This is different to traditional games where the same cards are in the possession of more than one player. 

People have compared the game to Magic: The Gathering Arena, whose director has also spearheaded the development of Gods Unchained.

It is a free-to-play game that offers the players the chance to earn money while playing the game, as opposed to the traditional gaming model where you must first purchase the game and all its in-game items without having the ability to ever sell it off. 

Players are paid in $GODS token, the native cryptocurrency of the platform. This the primary currency of the game, which can be exchanged for fiat money on exchanges.

As players stack winning decks, they stand a chance to win more cards that can further be exchanged for money.

Some “rare” cards on the platform have unique value that also then pays out more than the more common cards. Thus, the overall incentive is to make users build decks, compete against each other and keep earning rewards that can be exchanged for real money.¬†

The game is certainly not a winner-take-all market. Rather, it incentivizes most users to participate with the freedom to learn and build.

The game also organizes tournaments that various players can then participate in. As of the time of this writing, this pool has expanded to over $570K.

The total value of cards exchanged on the platform have also risen to over $17M. The game’s popularity has risen on the back of the larger NFT bull market. Also, since many blockchain-based games and collectibles (NFTs) have emerged within the space, several players have looked for challenging yet immersive experiences.¬†

Gods Unchained, via its ranked tournaments and competitions is doing an incredible job of catching most players’ attention. This has helped them being recognized as a revolutionary strategy game – something that is not being offered by most available alternatives.¬†

Also, given the fact that it is based on Ethereum’s layer 2 network, it reignites investors’ trust not only in the blockchain but also its underlying technology. And this is evident in the inflow of millions of dollars within this niche albeit fast growing space of crypto.¬†

How to play Gods Unchained?

The process of playing itself is quite simple and straightforward. Understandably, understanding the game and its core mechanics is a bit tricky.

The first thing that you must do is sign up on the platform on the game’s website.

Post sign-up, you will be prompted to download the launcher of the game, which you can download on your system.

At the beginning, you will have a given collection of 70 cards that will be classed into six different decks.

This is called the “Welcome Set” and has been created to help you get up to speed with the game. In addition to this, you are also given a collection of “Core” cards that you have the option to personalize as per your preference.¬†

There are several game modes that you can choose from. Here are the details of those modes. 

  • Solo Mode: Just as the name suggests, this mode will enable you to compete against a computerized opponent, enabling you the chance to familiarize yourself with the game and the deck that you have.
  • Constructed Mode: This will give you the experience to play against various other opponents online, using which you can gain experience and really level up. You might also end up unlocking some card packs as a result.
  • Ranked Constructed: This has been termed the “ultimate” level of the game where you will play against real users, unlock various prizes, rise up through the ranks and earn what is known as “Flux” for crafting new cards and decks in the Gauntlet of Gods.

What is the Gauntlet of the Gods in Gods Unchained?

The Gauntlet of the Gods is an incredible challenge in the “Ranked” mode of the game that aims to incentivize popular games with Flux: an in-game ingredient that helps you enhance the quality of your cards.

When you first win a game in Gods Unchained, you will be rewarded with a certain level of Flux that will initialize you on the path of the gauntlet run. The more wins you have, the more Flux you earn. But you will have to win thrice with each god. 

Maintaining this kind of winning streak is certainly quite challenging, but if you keep practicing, then you will surely have several chances to win. The competition resets recurrently, giving you the option to try your bet at the next run. 

How is ownership of items in Gods Unchained different? 

The ownership is backed on Ethereum’s blockchain, more specifically encoded into NFTs that make it further verifiable and provably scarce.

In traditional games, you don’t have the option to really “own” the virtual items that you otherwise get to keep in a treasury or chest. This is because these items have only been created by the game to be licensed to you for a certain period of time. Thus, you cannot exchange them for real money because you don’t have any commercial rights over them.¬†

NFTs change this dramatically.

When a card is “minted” on Ethereum’s blockchain, it can be traced to that blockchain and its ownership can be verified whenever needed. Thus, you have the option to literally do whatever you want with the items that you own.¬†

The platform also plans to add in a layer of tracking the history of the items on the platform itself. This will render the buyer of these cards with provable history of the blockchain which can easily be traced within the platform so that whenever they do change hands, the buyer is aware how they got there in the first place. 

How do I get cards in Gods Unchained?

Upon initialization into the game, the players start with what is known as the Welcome Set, which includes a set of 70 individual cards (totalling 140) that span across all the six gods of the game. To get more cards, however, you need to open card packs or you might even considering trading with other players. 

Since trading beginner-level cards may be difficult, you can try different ways of leveling up. 

  • The first option is to obviously play the Ranked or Constructed games that will further help you enhance your level and earn further card packs.
  • The second option is to earn card packs through what is known as Weekend Ranked tournaments. The rewards from these tournaments often shuffle during different game seasons. They are definitely a good place to earn items that cannot be acquired via conventional means.
  • The third option is to purchase seasonal packs. These packs, as their name suggests, are only available for a limited time and are never made available again. If you missed getting one of these packs, then you can always trade them with other players.

If you would like to buy the cards and/or packs, then you can always visit the Official 

Marketplace of the game and look for the same. You will be able to find some incredible cards that you might be looking for and/or even sell the ones that you currently do have. 

How else can I purchase cards in Gods Unchained?

You can purchase packs of cards and chests only from the website during the sales period using ETH. Alternatively, you can head to the marketplace and look for specific trading cards. 

Trading with fellow players in Gods Unchained 

Like with most other NFT games, if you wish to trade cards on the marketplace, then you will need a wallet. The official currency for trading on the marketplace is ETH.

Whenever you purchase an asset on the marketplace, it will be securely stored in your wallet. Thus, you can access it whenever needed. 

What is the best way to play?

While there are several guides that have been published on how to play the game, here we will just quickly walk through the basic steps that will help you get up to speed with the game. 

1. Build a deck

To build a single deck, you need 30 cards. Each deck needs to conform to the six gods within the game – Light, Death, War, Nature, Magic, and Deception. You are permitted to have two copies of the same card. But, if it’s a legendary card, then you are only allowed to have one copy.¬†

2. Choose a “God Power”

Each of the gods within the game have four “God Power”. You have the option to select which one you’d like your god to have. Be wise to pick the power because it cannot be changed later. Moreover, you will only be able to use it once within the game.¬†

3. Replace the unnecessary cards

You would need mana for your cards. Thus, if you have cards that require a high amount of mana to be placed, then you would need to replace them. You are advised to do so especially in the early rounds because you only have limited amounts of mana. 

What is mana? 

Every player within the game will have 9 mana gems. These are further connected with a number of mana locks. When a new round begins, one mana lock will be opened and you will get a fresh set of mana gems. 

4. Duel

You can use different shortcuts to drop the cards on the board, cast spells and even have a power play against a specified target. Remember, though, that “God Power” will only be used once – so use it carefully!

5. Win battles and get rewarded

The more battles you participate in the more your overall chances of winning. You will have the option to get rewarded in Stars, Flux and (card) Packs. This will help you increase your overall level. 

How do I download & is Gods Unchained compatible with iOS and Android? 

Gods Unchained is currently available only on Windows and MacOS. The team has been working to get the game to mobile platforms such as Android and iOS as well.

Given the incremental developments within the space, it is clear that the added functionality on mobile platforms will be available to players soon. 

How can I make money in Gods Unchained? 

The players can earn two major types of rewards while playing the game. 

When players earn new packs from participating in battles and ranked matches. 

When players get access to prize pools in a campaign known as the Blessing of the $GODS. 

To be eligible for the card packs prize, players need to fulfil certain criteria such as winning in the first 25 games of each event, getting your wallet linked to the account and so on.

The team behind the game is working to create the Forge, which will enable players the ability to convert their cards into NFTs that can further be traded on the Immutable X marketplace. This functionality is expected to be added by the end of 2021 or the start of 2022.  

How does the Gods Unchained token work? 

The native $GODS token of the game is an ERC-20 standard token, which renders it the capacity to be fungible. It is primarily used to buy and sell items in the marketplace and players are also rewarded in this currency. They can then exchange it for other crypto tokens on exchanges. 

What’s interesting about the token is that its maximum supply has been capped at 500 million, which has been distributed proportionately across the game, player’s wallets, developers and other public sales.¬†

Just like you would with other crypto tokens, you can store the $GODS token in a web extension wallet like MetaMask. Thus, you can use it seamlessly whenever you play the game and also participate in the governance mechanism on the platform. 


Gods Unchained has taken the entire world of crypto by a storm.

It has created a truly immersive experience for the players where they have the option to participate in strategic trading card game.

The added storyline along with the various levels complements the game’s overall attempt at giving a truly revolutionary experience to its users.¬†

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