elephant NFT

ETHlephants (November 10, 2021)

ETHlephants nft

There are 6,500 awesomely cute ETHlephants walking around the Ethereum blockchain!

Since elephants are smart, the goal is to make this collection a strong community where ETHlephants put their heads together to create great plans for future initiatives and vote on meaningful things together.

The first five hundred will mint free. After that, it will be 0.03 ETH each.

Want to be a part of the herd? You can mint on the website.

There will be a secondary market at OpenSea.

Total supply: 6,500

Mint price: 0.03 ETH (plus gas). First 500 mint free.

Date: November 10, 2021 at 10pm UTC (2pm PST)

Blockchain: Ethereum