doge capital

Doge Capital (October 20, 2021)

doge capital NFT

This NFT drop is for Doge Capital, 5,000 unique Doges roaming around the Solana blockchain!

Enter the Woofverse. Members gain access to the exclusive Woof Club, full of special woof-worthy perks.

In addition, there is a WoofDAO, meaning members will be able to make decisions and vote together on initiatives in the community.

Therefore, it’s intended to be highly collaborative.

In the future, there are plans to work on NFT breeding, gamification, and lots more.

The mint is happening on October 20, 2021 at 5pm EST.

They will also be available on Magic Eden if you want to check them out after the mint!

Mint price: 1 SOL (plus gas)

Date: October 20, 2021 at 5pm EST. After the mint, they’ll also available on the secondary market at Magic Eden.

Blockchain: Solana