Disney NFT drop

Disney NFT Drop — What to Know

Disney NFT drop

As one of the most forward-thinking companies in modern culture, Disney tends to be involved in just about any major trend. So, it should be no surprise to NFT collectors that we are set to see the unveiling of a Disney NFT set. 

Given how many popular IPs Disney happens to own, the release of a Disney NFT is very exciting indeed.

Yes, reports also noted that this means that popular platforms such as The Simpsons will see their very own NFTs being released in the near future.

This is highly exciting, and clear proof that things are changing for Disney for the long-term.

Never one to be left behind by market innovations, their desire to get involved in the exciting world of NFT art now is a pretty sure sign that the history of these products is pretty exciting.

The release of a Disney NFT is big news, and the series will be known as their “Golden Moments” collection.

When is it being released?

The first set dropped in early November (November 12) and features a series of digital gold figurines designed after The Simpsons. We also seen some other famous Pixar and Walt Disney options, including the likes of Elsa and even Wall-E.

Given how successful NFTs are for other big brands, the Disney NFT release is expected to be major news. The Marvel Cinematic Universe release dropped on the 10th November, and seen legends like Iron Man brought to life. 

It’s launching on the energy-efficient NFT marketplace, VeVe

So, the interesting part of this release (outside of the fact a global entertainment giant is now in on the NFT craze) is the platform being used to release.

They will be using VeVe, which claims to be the ‘first digital collectibles platform committed to carbon neutrality’ – given the potential environmental impact of NFTs, that is quite the claim!

However, VeVe looks pretty set to live up to these ambitious (and refreshing) claims of carbon-neutral NFTs. They run a blockchain tech that claims to be 99% more energy efficient than giants like Ethereum.

In addition, the company has made the commitment to neutralizing their own carbon footprint, as well as establishing a grant system worth up to 1billion OMI to help offset the cost, design, and production of NFTs.

Ultimately, Disney is pairing up with one of the platforms with their finger on the pulse with regards to NFT sustainability. 

Wondering how to buy into the Disney NFT collection?

The Golden Moments Collection release date is on November 12, 2021.

To get involved, users need to download the VeVe app, create an account, sign-in, and add Gems to buy NFTs from the store. Each NFT is going to cost 60 gems each, so you will need to purchase 60 gems worth of payment to get your hands on one of these legendary NFTs.

Like any other NFT out there, expect demand to explode once collectors start to get their hands on these interesting and unique product releases. Keep in mind that if you do choose to buy one that these are randomized, sold in a “Blind Box”, so you cannot just buy the Golden Moment you wish to own specifically. You could get something generic, like a Pizza Planet vehicle, or you could get something like Iron Man himself.

Expect more releases to come in the future as the Disney NFT craze kicks off into the next gear entirely.

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Last updated: December 8, 2021