demons of morphic

Demons of Morphic (Released in 2021 – Now Available)


The Demons of Morphic collection by Stay in Wonderland is nothing short of hauntingly beautiful.

If you’re a horror fan, this one is for you.

These grim NFTs contain spectacular artistry. While perusing the listings, you will notice a variety of different hair colors, eyes, and various grim effects.

The ethereal colors are phenomenal as well.

In addition, the style is quite distinct and memorable. If you’re looking for unique art with a chilling twist that also holds up on its own, check it out. They are both haunting and mesmerizing.

And hey, it’s almost Halloween.

So, if dark and ethereal = your thing, be sure and snag one (or a few) up today!

Dates: Released (2021), with more being added regularly

Blockchain: Ethereum

Marketplace: OpenSea