Coinfra Labs(August 13, 2022)

Coinfra Labs is a launchpad for NFT projects on the Solana ecosystem aiming to help teams and founders create and ship NFTs with fewer or zero impediments.

Therefore any teamĀ  or person that wants to launch their projects can take advantage of functionalities like mint generation page, staking-as-service, customizable mint stages, and many more features available on the platform.

In a nutshell, the project is designed to beĀ  launchpad, portfolio tracker and a P2P trading market.

Minting the NFTs is akin to tapping onto the future potential of the marketplace once the project reaches achieves a substantial trading volume on Solana.

The project features partnerships with other NFT brands like Meta Helix, Crossmint, Solseals and Floppylabs

You can learn more about the project via the website.

Total supply:Ā 6,666

Mint price: 2.5 SOL

Date: Solana 13, 2022

Blockchain: Solana