Calvaria: Duels of Eternity(August 24, 2022)

Calvaria is a play-to-earn gaming (card based ) project built on polygon network by a team with diverse experience that cuts across blockchain development, cryptocurrency investing and IT.

Participants can earn through playing or investing the game’s ecosystem

Unlike other games, the ecosystem boasts unique game play strategies, full ownership of decks, unique cards, and upgrades by players and a sound economy with $RIA and $eRIA serving a the native token and in-game currency respectively.

The project is launching it NFTs via the mystery box concept where each box has a specific number of NFTs along with a variable amount of RIA tokens.

Additionally, the project features partnerships with projects like Kenzo ventures, Sparklab, Kapital DAO, Sky Meta among others.

Total supply: 999

Mint price: 199 MATIC

Date: August 24, 2022, at 3:00 PM UTC

Blockchain: Polygon