bounty hunter space guild

Bounty Hunter Space Guild (November 20, 2021)


There are 5,555 bounty hunters running around the Solana blockchain.

In addition, each and every one was created to be modular, so each one is unique. No two are the same in appearance.

There will be a DAO as well, with each holder given the ability to vote on initiatives. 85% of all secondary sales will go towards this DAO.

Floor sweeping is also planned.

Plus, bounties will be announced where if you mint a certain one that has been announced, you’ll receive rewards.

To mint, check out the website! They will also be available post-mint on Digital Eyes and Solanart.

Total supply: 5,555

Mint price: 1-3 SOL (plus gas). This is a raffle model.

Date: November 20, 2021

Blockchain: Solana