Blind Gallery NFT(June 04, 2022)

Imagine a gallery where you could collect the pieces of art you love without the effects of names, hype, followers, exposure, etc. This is what Blind Gallery represents.

Blind Gallery features a curated (by Kolah, founder and creator within the NFT ecosystem) collection by different artists, including the artwork’s inspiration, story, and tools used to create them.

You can access your favorite artwork NFT by getting a mint pass during what is known as the Exchange period (Scheduled for June 06 to June 13). The artist’s reveal will come on June 13.

The NFTs can be traded via 

Visit the website and Twitter page to learn more.

Total supply: 1,100

Mint price: 15 XTZ (Tezos)

Date: June 04, 2022, at 2:00 PM PST

Blockchain: Tezos