Based MKRS(August 4, 2022)

Based MKRS is a web3 brand that wants to reshape the experience around gathering NFTs by pioneering a collection connected to the product’s value and how that value accrues to every NFT holder.

The team behind the project aims to create a token-gated group where the community can stake their NFTs and get rewarded via the number of invitees they refer to the Based app.

Also, the project features the MKRS pool, a monthly pool of SOL distributed to staked MKRS based on how many users you’ve invited to the platform.

The team opted to schedule the launch as a stealth mint to promote fairness and ensure equal opportunity.

Visit their website and social media profile to learn more.

Total supply: 7,777

Mint price: 3.5 SOL

Date: August 4, 2022

Blockchain: Solana