B.F.Party(July 11, 2022)

B.F.Party is a play-to-earn game inspired by the Maple story. It is based on the philosophy that gamers should be rewarded for their time and expertise, an idea that is frowned upon by conventional game developers.

The NFTs are 3D playable avatar character that gives you access to the game, which comes with multi-player functionality and faster load time.

The project’s long-term (3-5 year vision) plan includes developing 16 different game modes, an off-chain marketplace for cosmetics, Club penguin-style metaverse cities, and land.

Notably, the team has been keen on being considerate and involving the community during the events leading up to the mint, such as adjusting the mint price.

You can learn more from their website and Twitter account.

Total supply: 8,888

Mint price: 0.14 ETH

Date: July 11, 2022, at 10:00 AM UTC

Blockchain: Ethereum